Mission Statement


The mission of Parkville Dance Power Competitive Dance Team is to give young dancers the chance to participate and perform on an advanced level team and compete against other teams with the same goal.  All dancers are welcome to participate in the dance team.  Parkville Dance Power, through Parkville Recreation Center, will promote teamwork, character and leadership development and will encourage its members to become successful and skilled in the art of dance.

Every aspect of Parkville Dance Power will promote the Mission Statement. It is our desire that all dancers leave the program with both dance and life skills that will help them in every facet of their futures. 

Dance Power is the only Non-High School and Non-Studio Competitive Team operating in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area. There are 2 teams: a Junior Team and a Senior Team. The teams are for dancers (male and female) ages 8-18 . Dance Power practices 2 nights a week and travel to local, regional and national competitions between the months of October-May.

 Baltimore's Only Non-High School, Non-Studio Competitive Dance Team - PARKVILLE DANCE POWER

...take your dancing to the next level!




Michelle Falls, Director/Head Coach/Choreographer

Michelle has been the Head Coach and Choreographer for Dance Power since it began in 2006. As

co-creator of the program, she helped get Dance Power off the groud. Michelle has over 25 years of

dance training and over 15 years of teaching experience. She is also currently an instructor for Parkville Recreation Dance X-treme where she teaches Tap, Jazz and Lyrical.


Lindsay Eastman, Coach/Choreographer 

Lindsay is a graduate of  Salisbury University. She has over 15 years combined dance experience with Dance X-treme and Parkville High School. She was a member of the National Dance Honor Society and the Hip Hop Dance Club at SSU. Lindsay is also a Hip Hop, Jazz & Tap instructor at Parkville Recreation Dance X-treme and brings much to Dance Power in ways of talent and innovation through her take on Hip-Hop dance!



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