"Then come the lights shining on you from above. You are a performer. You forget all you learned, the process of technique, the fear, the pain, you even forget who you are -- you become one with the music, the lights, indeed one with the dance." -Shirley Maclaine

2012/2013 Competitions & Exhibitions*


*Competition dates subject to change. Dance Power may not attend every competition listed.

 2011/2012 Results

Hall of Fame Dance Challenge              Booklyn Park, MD                        Seniors: 2 Golds

American Dance Awards                        Brooklyn Park, MD                      Juniors: Gold & High Score

                                                                                                                         Seniors: 1 Gold, 1 High Silver

                                                                                                                         Senior Solo (Courtney): High Silver 

Headliners Dance Regional                   Brooklyn Park, MD                       Juniors: High Silver & Judge's Award

                                                                                                                         Seniors: 2 High Silvers

                                                                                                                         Senior Solo (Courtney): High Silver

CONGRATULATIONS Dancers on another terrific season!

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